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Welcome Sarah Burke as Our New Operations Manager!

Headshot-style picture of Sarah Burke, the operations manager for the Baton Rouge Music Studios.

Baton Rouge Music Studios is thrilled to announce the appointment of Sarah Burke as our new Operations Manager! With over ten years in music education and a passionate drive for operational excellence, Sarah steps into this role as a maestro of both the classroom and the back office.

Sarah's journey in music education is nothing short of inspiring. As an esteemed adaptive needs and preschool music teacher, she has created a learning environment that resonates with students of all abilities. Her expertise spans a range of instruments, including the harp, piano, voice, guitar, and percussion, catering to beginner and intermediate learners.

In her new role as Operations Manager, Sarah is the rhythm that keeps Baton Rouge Music Studios pulsating. Merging her educational prowess with unmatched organizational skills, she ensures that every day is a seamless experience for our students and staff. Her role is pivotal in the day-to-day operations and maintaining an environment where learning and music creation flow smoothly.

Known for her fun-loving and cheerful disposition, Sarah infuses positivity into every corner of Baton Rouge Music Studios. Her ability to connect with everyone – from students and parents to colleagues – is a testament to her deep love and commitment to her craft.

But Sarah is more than just an operations manager or a teacher. She is a fervent advocate for the transformative power of music in shaping young lives. Her dedication and passion resonate beyond the classrooms and administrative corridors, touching the hearts of the broader community.

Sarah's commitment to music education and her role as Operations Manager makes her an invaluable asset to our team and the community at large. Please join us in welcoming Sarah Burke to her new role. We are excited to see how her leadership will further enrich the musical landscape of Baton Rouge Music Studios.

Here's to making more music and creating more smiles under her guidance!

Are you interested in joining our team or know someone who might be a good fit? CLICK HERE to learn more.



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