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Celebrating a Life Through Music

This month, the community of BRMS bids a heartfelt farewell to a cherished member, Laura Richey Parnell. Known for her unwavering support of the local music school over the past decade, Laura's role as a long-time mom and advocate at BRMS has left an indelible mark on many lives.

In a fitting tribute to her beautiful soul, BRMS is hosting an epic concert to celebrate her life. It will be held at Curbside Burgers on Sunday, November 26 from 4-8 p.m.

The concert will feature performances from all of BRMS's Young Bands. In addition there will be special performances by renowned New Orleans Blues Artist Eric Johanson and John Gros of the famous Papa Grows Funk. This gathering of talent and community is not just a celebration of life but also a testament to the impact Laura had on those around her.

In keeping with Laura's spirit of generosity, the show is free to the public. However, attendees are encouraged to make donations, with proceeds going to the Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA), an organization close to Laura's heart. Laura was not just a supporter of LOPA; she was also a donor hero, a title that reflects her selfless contribution to the agency's life-saving mission.

Your contributions to this cause will support LOPA's Core Purpose of "MAKING LIFE HAPPEN". Donations are critical in aiding their efforts in organ, tissue, and eye donation education, along with community outreach and support programs for donor families.

The upcoming concert in memory of Laura Richey Parnell is more than just a musical event; it's a community coming together to honor a life well-lived and to support a cause that continues to make a difference. We invite you to join us in this celebration of life and legacy, contributing to a cause that was dear to Laura's heart.

About the LOPA Foundation

The LOPA Foundation operates under the core values of Working for Hope, Honor, and Healing. It plays a vital role in supporting LOPA's initiatives, focusing on educating the public about the importance of organ and tissue donation and celebrating this selfless act. Contributions to the LOPA Foundation enhance LOPA's capacity to honor the thousands of Louisianians affected by donation each year. Recognized as a 501(c)3 charitable and tax-exempt organization by the IRS, the foundation is a key supporter of LOPA's mission.

About LOPA

The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency, established on April 1, 1988, serves as an independent, not-for-profit organ and tissue recovery agency. As the federally designated organ procurement organization for Louisiana, LOPA's responsibilities are two-fold: maintaining the Louisiana Donor Registry and recovering organs and tissue for transplant. Through partnerships with various professionals and institutions across the state, including eye banks and hospitals, LOPA works tirelessly to save and enhance lives. Education is a cornerstone of their efforts, with a range of educational opportunities offered to both the public and professionals in Louisiana.

Join Us in Honoring Laura and Supporting LOPA



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