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BRMS rocks segment on WAFB News

Did you catch our live interview on WAFB 9News at 9? Doug Gay was interviewed by Johnny Ahysen about our upcoming Turkey Jam Camp and White Light Night.

Quick Hits of Turkey Jam Camp:

  • Ages 10-17: Younger kids are welcome upon assessment!

  • No Prior Experience Needed: You don't have to be in a school band program to rock out with us.

  • Music for Everyone: From pop to classic rock, find your groove and fall in love with music.

  • Learn and Perform: Daily sessions from 9 am to 3 pm, with a live performance at Curbside Burgers!

What You'll Get:

  • New skills, confidence, friendships, and a chance to perform live.

  • Immersive music education that's more than just lessons – it's about passion and community.

Doug also talked about White Light Night, which will be part of a live broadcast on WHYR Community Radio! All of the Young Band Nation groups will be performing that night and the live broadcast will be recorded.

We will have a lot of fantastic things happening at White Light Night, including 11 different local vendors. Come out and enjoy the show!



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