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Turkey Jam Camp serves up holiday fun

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Holiday breaks are never a vacation for parents, except those with kids enrolled at Baton Rouge Music Studios.

All year round BRMS offers opportunities for students to learn during time off from school. For the Thanksgiving break, a three-day camp offers up a chance for students to jam!

“The camp is a combination of current year-round young band musicians and new campers who are just now discovering what we do at Young Band Nation,” said Doug Gay.

Young Band Nation is an instructor-led program of BRMS that allows students (ages 10-18), to practice and perform as a real rock band. The final day of the Turkey Jam Camp included an onstage performance at Curbside Burgers.

“We had 11 campers and 2 proper bands that performed,” Gay noted.

The positive response from the Turkey Jam campers and parents has prompted Doug to schedule a similar camp in December. The Winter Break Camp will be held December 19, 20 and 21.



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