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Register for Turkey Jam: Thanksgiving Holiday Camp

As the air turns crisp and the leaves begin to fall, Baton Rouge Music Studios is excited to announce a harmonious way for your child to spend their Thanksgiving break. Get ready to strike a chord with Turkey Jam, a three-day musical extravaganza designed to ignite creativity, inspire passion, and cultivate lasting memories.

Camp Details:

Turkey Jam is set to take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. starting on Monday, November 20, and continuing through Wednesday, November 22. Nestled in the heart of Baton Rouge, our studio will buzz with the energy of young musicians, aged 10 to 17, eager to explore the world of music and unlock their potential.

A Crescendo of Activities:

Our Thanksgiving Holiday Camp promises an immersive musical experience like no other.

Over the summer, first-time camper Leo Abraham said, "it's an awesome opportunity to express yourself through playing an instrument or singing, or just through music in general."

Campers will dive into a captivating curriculum that spans a diverse range of musical genres, from classic rock to contemporary pop. Led by our team of seasoned music instructors, your child will be guided through instrument lessons, vocal coaching, ensemble performances, and songwriting workshops. Whether your child is a seasoned player or just starting their musical journey, Turkey Jam offers something for everyone.

Summer camp participant Parker Lewis summed it up when she said, "if you have any interest in an instrument, have been playing an instrument, or are just picking it up, it's how you can get started. That's how I got started. I took a camp here and now I take lessons. And you can meet other people who do the same things and play music together."

The Grand Finale:

As the sun sets on Wednesday, November 22, our campers will showcase their newfound skills in a live performance at none other than Curbside Burgers. This thrilling opportunity to perform on a real stage in front of a live audience will not only boost your child's confidence but also give them a taste of the spotlight. Family and friends are invited to join in the celebration, witnessing the transformation of young musicians into bona fide performers.

Why Choose Turkey Jam?

  • Holistic Learning: From instrument mastery to creative songwriting, Turkey Jam offers a comprehensive curriculum that nurtures both technical skills and artistic expression.

  • Performance Experience: The grand finale performance at Curbside Burgers is a unique opportunity for campers to shine on stage and showcase their progress.

  • Expert Guidance: Our skilled music instructors bring a wealth of experience to the camp, providing mentorship and personalized instruction to each participant.

  • Lasting Memories: Turkey Jam is not just a camp; it's an experience that will create lasting memories and friendships for your child.

Longtime participant Adia Prudhomme said about camp, "It's really fun! You get to play music with your friends, you get to make new friends. For me, playing music is almost my entire life, so if it's other people's entire lives, I can relate to them on that."

As Thanksgiving approaches, give your child the gift of music, creativity, and camaraderie at Baton Rouge Music Studios' Turkey Jam. Let this camp be the soundtrack to their holiday break, filling it with melodies of joy, growth, and inspiration. Register now and watch as your child's musical journey takes a harmonious leap forward.



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