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Hop into the Groove at Bunny Jam Music Camp!

Calling all budding musicians and soundtrack geniuses! The Bunny Jam Music Camp is rolling out the red carpet for young talents this spring, and you’re invited to join the bandwagon of creativity and fun!

For three magical days, from April 1st to 3rd, immerse yourself in a world of music and movies from 9am to 3pm, with the added bonus of free early drop-off and late pickup. This isn't just any music camp; it's your chance to dive deep into the world of soundtracks and perform live at the enchanting Movies and Music on The Lawn event in City Park.

Early Bird Gets the Tune!

Normally, this star-studded experience would set you back $275, but because we love to see our music family grow, sign up by Thursday, March 28th, and snag all three days for just $200. Yes, you read that right! This includes not just the top-notch music instruction, but also a dress rehearsal and a special performance that will make your heart sing. And for our early birds who’ve already secured their spots? Don’t worry; you’ll get the discount, too. It’s all about the love and fairness at Bunny Jam!

A Unique Musical Journey

This year, Bunny Jam participants will spend their days watching three short films, then brainstorming and creating an original soundtrack to accompany these visual masterpieces.

The Films:

  • Gertie the Dinosaur (1914): Dive into the world of pioneering animation with Gertie, a dinosaur who’s not just a marvel of early cinema but a source of endless musical inspiration.

  • The Red Balloon (1956): Let your imagination soar with a boy and his red balloon as they explore the streets of Paris, dodging adversaries and sparking creativity at every turn.

  • ALIKE (2015): Explore the nuances of life and creativity through the relationship between Copi and his son, Paste, in a bustling city.

Showcase Your Talent

After diving deep into the art of soundtrack creation, students will have the chance to practice their compositions, leading up to a dress rehearsal on April 7th. Then, on the grand stage of April 13th at sunset, our young maestros will perform their LIVE SOUNDTRACKS to an enchanted audience at the BR Gallery's back lawn in City Park.

Why Bunny Jam?

Bunny Jam Music Camp isn’t just about learning music; it’s about experiencing it, creating it, and sharing it in the most unique ways possible. We’re here to offer our students opportunities to grow, experiment, and shine in their musicianship. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or taking your first musical steps, Bunny Jam is where your creativity can leap and bound freely.

Click here to register for the Bunny Jam Music Camp and secure your spot in what promises to be the most unforgettable musical journey this spring.

Let’s make this spring resonate with the sounds of joy, creativity, and community at Bunny Jam Music Camp. See you there!



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