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3 Reasons NOT to drop for Summer

Many parents pull their kids out of lessons at the wrong time of the year, summer break. It’s easy to understand why. Taking a break from lessons feels in alignment with the “de-stress the kids for summer” family campaign. Or the kids have other activities planned both in town and out of town, so it’s best to take a break until school returns. However, summer lessons can be more beneficial in just 2 short months than taking lessons all school-year long, even with a couple of weeks off for your kiddos to enjoy other camps and vacations.

Here are a few reasons to keep your kids in lessons over summer at BRMS.

1) You may lose your spot

BRMS is seeing an unprecedented influx of enrollment requests; so many that we still have a waiting list even with the addition of a 6th lesson room, and summer registration requests are already pouring in. Giving up your spot for summer will most certainly result in your child being put on the waiting list upon their return in the Fall. Instead of dropping, we suggest that you retain your spot but give us advance notice of your vacation weeks. We will work with you on planned absences for summer.

2) Maintain some structure over summer

Summer vacation creates so much free “chill” time for the kids that many us find ourselves in an uphill battle to get back to structure as August creeps up. Maintaining a lesson schedule over summer gives just enough structure to make the “back-to-work” family campaign a little easier to implement as the new school year approaches.

3) More time to practice and improve

As mentioned above, many parents pull their kiddos out of lessons at exactly the WRONG time of year, during a season where students often have less distractions and obligations, giving them the opportunity to fall back in love with their instrument or improve exponentially faster than during the school year. Summer music camps are also a great partner to lessons, inspiring the students to learn more at a faster pace.

Lesson enrollment is perpetual, so there is no need to “save your spot” if you are currently enrolled. BUT if you want to let us know just for good measure. Click here!

If you know that it’s going to be too tough to stay enrolled for summer, we get it. No worries! We’ll see you in the Fall! Click here to let us know that you will need to drop for summer.



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